How To Get Free Ourworldgemcodes

There are three ways to get free Ourworldgem codes using site.

1. Daily free gems

Every day Ourworld gem codes are posted here. You have to be quick to use it as there are many readers who are waiting for these codes.

You have to check every day to get these codes.


2. Email subscription

Another option which is better is the email subscription model, here you’ll be sent an email every day with the codes straight to your inbox.

You’ll be alerted when new gem codes are available. This way you’ll be among the first to receive these codes.

It places you on a priority list.

How to subscribe for code

  • Click on the “get new code alerts” tab
  • Pass the human verification option (this is a way you give back to the site)
  • You’ll see the details page.
  • Input your email address, and click submit.
  • Verify it, and wait for your daily codes.

Get new code alerts

3. Injected into your account

You can have these gem codes injected straight to your Ourworld account. This way you don’t even have to bother about monitoring or getting alerts.

You simply supply your account details.

The disadvantages of these method is simply you’ll be placed on a waiting list. This waiting list may take up to 2 days for it to reach your turn.

After 48 hours and you haven’t received your gem codes, you should try again. In fact the more entry you try the more priority will be given to your account.

But you’ll sure get gems as low as 30 to as high as 1000 once it has successfully been injected.

How to get gem codes injected into your account

  • Click on the “load gem codes” tab
  • Submit the human verification option (again it helps the site stay afloat)
  • You’ll be redirected to the account submission page.
  • Submit your Ourworld account unique username
  • Select the likely gem amount, click load.

Load gem codes


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